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What Makes Credit Unions Better Than Traditional Banks?

The largest point of difference between banks and PACE Credit Union is that credit unions exist to meet the needs of their members, not to make a profit from them. Credit unions are co-operative financial institutions that are entirely owned by their members. They have no mandate to make a profit and they don’t have to answer to outside investors or analysts. In fact, any profit that is realized is shared equally and now for the fourth year in a row all qualifying members at PACE even received a 3% dividend*. This redistribution of profit also allows us to provide lower rates and better service to our members.

Plus we view our members as more than just a credit score since they are all also part owners. This means that PACE Credit Union has the flexibility to look at a member’s complete personal and financial circumstances when deciding whether to provide a loan, funding or other services. We get to know your unique situation and don’t assess a member’s creditworthiness solely on the basis of formulas that establish a credit score.

Not A Member Yet? Here's 6 Reasons To Join PACE Credit Union

Great Service At Competitive Rates

We don’t have shareholders to answer to. All profits are used to reward you, our owners. This means we can offer superior solutions and service at low rates.

Our boss isn’t the share price, it’s you. So we won’t gouge you with sneaky extra fees.

No Nickel & Diming

You’ll have access to 15 branches in Ontario, over 3,700 ATMs across Ontario, Canada and online banking 24/7.


You’re the boss and your time is valuable. We work on avoiding the long, bureaucratic process that some bank head offices demand.

Easier Process

PACE has the ability to offer more options and greater flexibility than traditional banks because of our smaller size and, as a result, we provide more personal service to accommodate each of our member’s unique needs and circumstances.

Greater Flexibility

We don’t have a structured credit scoring system. We get to know you and your unique financial history. If you had a major illness or a divorce it won’t count against you.

You Are More Than a Score

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Easy Access - With over 3,700 ATMs and 15 branches you will have no problem accessing your accounts.

Better Customer Service - According to the 2018 Ipsos® Best Banking Awards, credit unions have consistently ranked higher in customer service excellence for fourteen years running.

Better Online Banking - Credit unions tied for 1st in Mobile Banking Excellence and won 1st in the Online Banking Excellence category for the fourth consecutive year (2018 Ipsos® Best Banking Awards).

Competitive Rates - All profit we make will be shared with our members or used to offer lower rates and better service.

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“ I have been a member since 1976 and have never been disappointed by the service I received - personable, personalized, and responsive.  I have had many disappointments with banks over the years - CIBC and BMO - and switched all of my financial needs as a result.  Never regretted the move.  

Collette Dowhaniuk

Member Since 1976 

Meet A Few Of Our PACE Members

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 “ PACE Credit Union staff are always friendly and helpful.  They take the time to understand your concern and it gets solved right away.  I highly recommend anyone banking with them. They pay decent interest rates too! Better than any bank!  

Fran Raymond

PACE Credit Union Member 

 “ I always enjoy going into this branch. I know I will always get efficient & professional service & advice. I love being treated like one of the family. I have been with Pace for over 20 years & plan to stay.  

Lea Mclean

PACE Credit Union Member 

Any questions or concerns I have, someone is ready to assist and help for the best possible outcome. Highly recommend Pace for ones “banking” needs!

Diana S

PACE Credit Union Member