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In November 2011, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and the Financial Literacy Action Group launched Financial Literacy Month. An initiative designed to highlight the programs, services and tools available to help Canadians improve their knowledge, skills and confidence in making the best financial choices for themselves.

Every November, during Financial Literacy Month, FCAC and organizations across the country work together to raise awareness and spread the word about the importance of financial literacy. 

What is Financial Literacy?

While financial literacy can have a different meaning to different individuals, it is also the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions. Financial literacy is critical to the prosperity and financial well-being of Canadians 

This year, Financial Literacy Month will focus on the renewed National Financial Literacy Strategy and the importance of building financial resilience in challenging times and a digital economy.  Follow along on our Social Media platforms as we share educational resources that will focus on the following sub-themes based on the National Strategy's key building blocks; which have been proven to help consumers develop skills, capacity, and behaviours that lead to financial resilience. 

  • Week 1 (November 1 to 6):        Managing expenses to keep up with bills and credit commitments
  • Week 2 (November 7 to 13):     Managing debt to feel in control of your overall debt situation
  • Week 3 (November 14 to 20):  Managing savings to prepare for financial shocks and unexpected expenses, and achieve your                                                                       financial goals
  • Week 4 (November 21 to 30): Navigating the financial marketplace with knowledge and confidence

Financial Literacy at PACE 

Helpful Resources for Every Stage of Life 

Making a Budget Budgeting is the process of creating a plan to spend your money and make sure you prioritize your spending on things most importantly to you. It also ensures that you will always have enough money for the things you need. PACE wants to help you achieve financial freedom by providing a Budget Basic Workbook to get you started. 

Credit Reports and Credit Scores - Improving your credit score, correcting errors, ordering your credit report and more. 

Paying Down DebtInformation on managing debt, credit reports, mortgages, credit cards, loans, lines of credit and more. 

Life Events and Your Money - Losing your job, living as a couple, buying a home, having children, getting divorced and more. 

Retirement PlanningTypes of retirement income, saving for retirement, how much money you will need and how to manage your finances. 

Looking for a financial pulse-check?  Meet with Us -  Whether your financial goals are big or small, our friendly staff are here for you.