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* One winner will be selected for the $2,500 cash prize. You must renew, refinancing, switch, or open a mortgage with PACE Credit Union  and be approved.

What is a High Ratio Mortgage?

Home Ownership is exciting but finding the right mortgage is essential.  As a member of PACE Credit Union you could benefit from a wide range of mortgages, great rates and personalized advice from our mortgage specialists. Unlock the doors to your home with a PACE mortgage today!

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Fixed High Ratio

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Fixed High Ratio

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5 Year - Closed


*Special Mortgage rates starting as low as 2.65%.O.A.C. Rates subject to change. Some Conditions Apply.

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A high ratio mortgage from PACE Credit Union helps you buy a home with just 5% down versus the 20% down payment required for traditional mortgages.  Flexible payments allow you to pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and you have the option of paying down 20% of the principal each year.  You can even use the RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan to fund the down payment.  PACE is your path to home ownership.

PACE High Ratio Mortgage Includes: 

  • PACE-setting rates! Our low mortgage rates are hard to beat.
  • Approved CMHC and GE Capital Lender, up to 95% of appraised value
  • Fast PACE applications! Get pre-approved before you buy!
  • Option to pay down 20% of the original principal annually.
  • The ultimate in flexible payments: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly - tied to your paydays!
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